Different types of Tyres in Dubai

There are many different types of car tires. Their type depends on factors such as the make of car, driving style, where you live, the time of year and how your car is used. There are a lot of companies offering car tires today, but if you are really looking to get the best, then visit Carlo tyres . They sell tires that are renowned for their quality and are reliable in the conditions that it specifies.

Car tyre types not only limits to the brand and price; there are different types of car tires that serve a variety of purposes. To choose the best among them you have to be specific about the reason you need them. Remember that the more you are sure about what you need, the better tires you will receive. Get to know the different types of car tires available:

Standard Tyre

An average tire that is suitable for all year round use. These are all season tires which works equally well in the wet and the dry.

Performance Tyre

Designed to provide excellent grip in the dry. These are mostly used by fast cars or for drivers who prefer rough driving and requires improved handling performance. Also known as summer tires these can be used all year round.

Winter Tyre

Winter car tires are designed to cope with chilly weather and difficult driving conditions. These are known to have a good grip at extreme weather conditions. These tires cannot be used all year round because in dry conditions they wear out extremely quickly and damage the road surface.

All Terrain Tyre

All-terrain tires are good for the areas with loose surfaces like dirt and sand as these have a strong grip on such surfaces. Often used by off-road vehicles, these handle the uneven surfaces and unexpected potholes very well.

Run Flat Tyres

These are designed to operate without air to enable the vehicle to continue being driven when it has a puncture and minimize the loss. These work for a short distance and at a reduced speed until the tire can be safely changed.



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