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Most of the modern hotels have come up with creative solutions to counterbalance the rapid social changes that they encounter. In order to give a luxurious appeal to the hotels not only the interior spaces of the hotel rooms should be taken into account, but the guestrooms should also be configured in a way to ensure a highly personalized experience. There are many interior design companies in UAE that can help you to design the interiors of the hotels in a luxurious way. In this post we shall be throwing light on a few striking interior design trends that will give a brand new shape to your hotel.

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  •         Entrance lobbies viewed as multi-use spaces

A special attention is given  to the entrance lobbies to offer a striking first impression. This trend is more and more growing because social encounters depends more on this area of the hotel. In place of a simple sofa-coffee table, the hotel lobbies must offer multi-use space for casual or formal talks, working on laptops, and plugging in different devices. The furniture must also be comfortable, stylish as well as functional.

·         Guestroom configurations are given a new thought

Besides the luxurious amenities in a hotel’s guest room, an eclectic décor mix is also being considered to make it more appealing to the guests who want to experience unique accommodation. A special attention is given for business travelers, and therefore creative office spaces are made for them inside their guest room where they can have business discussion. Lighting and colors used in the rooms are also given an interesting look.

·         Spa-like bathroom features

When it comes to the bathrooms, spa like features installed inside it is actually an open invite to relaxation and a proven method of alluring guests promising luxury. Cutting-edge technology and contemporary design are integrated in each element of the bathroom. For instance using waterfall showers, over-sized bathtubs, etc. can be used.

One of the best interior design firms in UAE is CK architecture. The experience and expertise that the company beholds will help you in designing your luxury hotel in an elite style.

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