Explicit range of interior design ideas for a small living room

Your living room is the soul of the home, it’s for family n friends gathering, entertainment, relaxation, and fun. Having a lot of cluster in your living room will make the place feel smaller. Hence it is very important to pick up an appealing interior design theme which can enhance your small living space.Here are some suggestions by interior design consultant in Dubaifor giving your important space a more updated and trendy look.

Choosing traditional ideas for your living room interiors is not the best available solution for small space. You can try something new like long flowing drapes instead of window blends as they draw more attention to vertical spaces.

Though bright colors and modern artwork can bring a trendy, Metropolitan look. The best small living room idea is to use neutral colors on the walls, floors, ceiling and furniture upholstery You can paint your walls with soft colors as they will bring more light, illuminate the space, add sophistication and creates a calming environment

Choose furniture that is simple and light weighted. Also, choose furniture that has legs instead of the Box ones.

Whatever theme you choose, make sure that you do do not go overboard. You can also try a simple way by switching out pillows, curtains and wall pictures every 3 to 6 months to reflect the change of season. 

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