Door swelling in summer? Here is how to handle it

Experts for joinery works Dubai reveal that the most common complaint they get to hear about wooden doors and windows is their swelling mid-season.

Swelling of doors and windows happens because of the accumulation of moisture inside the tiny pores of wood. Though the swelling is quite less, it is significant and can cause an amount of disturbance when opening and closing.

According to joinery work professionals in Dubai, the treatment for door swelling depends on the type of door. However, there is one common way to get rid of the moisture that is accumulated in the door or window made from wood – remove the hinges and let the bare wood dry out for some time. The best way to dry it under the sun but if it is not possible, use a garage fan to serve the purpose.

Once the moisture is dried out, the next step to be taken is to seal the door from further swelling or shrinking by painting it with high quality exterior paint. Before the paint, the surface needs to be coated with a primer. After the paint, a weather stripping can be applied as a precaution to fill tiny gaps.

Another option for swelling is to replace the entire door but this is advised only when the door swelling is irreparable.   


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