7 Benefits of Hiring Career Advisor

The importance of career counseling is increasing day by day. With the increasing number of universities and variety of courses being offered, one is bound to get confused about which course to choose. But choosing a random career counselor may do more harm than good. Hence choosing an experienced and knowledgeable career counselor in Dubai  is very much important.

career counsellor in dubai


All the testimonials of those who have used the services of such experienced and knowledgeable career counselor in Dubai just give a gist of all the difference it created.

Following are some of the benefits summed up from all such testimonies:

  •         Career Assessment Program: Everyone has a varying degree of certain set of skills. This can create more confusion in terms which skill or interest to pursue. With a proper career assessment program, this confusion can be easily eliminated.
  •         Pre College Consultancy: It has been a personal experience of students that starting early and getting the guidance for admission in your choice of college and/or university while in high school only helps in staying focused while performing high school only.
  •         Upcoming important dates: Not being aware about various entrance exam dates, admission dates, etc may cost you an academic session in the minimum. But hiring an able career counselor helps solves this problem.
  •         Work experience: Having job experience has a number of advantages like being more clear about desired job and qualification, preference in admission process, etc. With the help of proper career counselor, you can get guidance about what work experience you need to get for your desired admission.
  •         Admission and application consultancy: With the increasing magnitude of variety of courses being offered around the globe, it is very much common to feel directionless and be confused about one’s likings, caliber, capabilities and best option.
  •         Portfolio and Art+Design consultancy: For admission in many courses, having an attractive and uniquely designed portfolio works wonders. This uniqueness can be created with the help of an experienced career counselor.
  •         Benefit of experience: Hiring an experienced career counselor is something incomparable. Experienced career counselors know what needs to be done, when, how and up to what extent. A good and experienced career counselor knows that each individual needs tailored plan and services.

Proed world is one of the leading career counselors in Dubai, having many years of experience and a team whose members have themselves the experience of various admission processes.

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